**UltimateScape** New DEDI - 100+ Online!


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Version 317
Type Economy Skilling
United Kingdom
Last Update06 Jan 2013
Join Date06 Jan 2013


UltimateScape is one of the fastest growing, most innovative and unique private servers out there.
We offer a massive variety for our players to do-

Innovative Moneymaking method of 1Gp Per Exp on most Non-Combat skills!
Automated Voting and Donation systems

* Castle wars
* Pest Control
* Duel Arena
* Boss Slaying ( 14 Bosses to choose from! )
* Barrows
* Fight Pits
* Mage Arena

Misc. Details!!

*Fully Custom Revenant Dungeon - Non Degrading PVP gear!
*Full Nex Gears + 100% working HP bonus!
* One of the fastest and most stable Dedicated servers around
* Supportive staff and owner.