Server Info

Rank: 260
Category: Runescape
Version: 317
Location: United Kingdom
UltimateScape is one of the fastest growing, most innovative and unique private servers out there.
We offer a massive variety for our players to do-

Innovative Moneymaking method of 1Gp Per Exp on most Non-Combat skills!
Automated Voting and Donation systems

* Castle wars
* Pest Control
* Duel Arena
* Boss Slaying ( 14 Bosses to choose from! )
* Barrows
* Fight Pits
* Mage Arena

Misc. Details!!

*Fully Custom Revenant Dungeon - Non Degrading PVP gear!
*Full Nex Gears + 100% working HP bonus!
* One of the fastest and most stable Dedicated servers around
* Supportive staff and owner.