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Version 667
United States
Last Update16 Nov 2014
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 People who play now might be considered for staff later on. This server has special unique commands, for example one allow players to engage in fun pvp where ever they are if the type in ::startpvp. this server has custom items as well as newer released items. here are a few things about the server.

             A few Details:


~~ Dicing and special dicing zones ~~~

@@@ Working Grand Exchange for donators @@@

Real and Fun PVP including anywhere fun pvp.


Vine Whips

Torva Armour

Pernix Armour

Chatoic and most all Doungneering items (Primal aswell)

Dragon claws

Z bow

Dragon arrows/Colored dark bows

Over 23 shops Just at ::home

Has modern bosses: Jad, NEX, Bando, Armdyl, Corpeal beast, Kalphite queen ect.
It has lots of cool test areas and stable economy, EARLY members are really considered for staff!!! !~Try it out~!

Click where it says website for our WEBCLIENT or Click below to download the JAR client file: