RankServer seems inactive
Version 1.7.4
Type Survival Factions Challenge Hardcore
United States
Last Update04 Mar 2014
Join Date04 Mar 2014


We are mainly a Factions server with griefing and raiding. We want players to enjoy and create a powerful factions. Have others fear you and destroy anybody who stands in your way. We challenge you to join with a pricey eoconomy and hardcore survival. So, if you always wanted a challenge this is the server for you. The server is small with quick and easy navagation. We have no staff memebers beside the 2 owners, 1 co-owner, and dev. Our goal is simiply to let players enjoy factions. But, we have other worlds and warps such as creative plots, spleef, and more along the way. We hope you enjoy your stay at SheepCraftFTW.

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