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 Here at Shadowraze, We offer a wide varity of gameplay across all our servers, whether you're looking for 
PvP, Survival, CTF, or just want to find somewhere to soicalize. We use our very own portal system to connect all our servers, so it's easy to move between them without the annoyance of logging out and reconnecting!
We have a large variety of plugins allowing our members to do alot more than just mining. We have our custom self-protection plugin to keep your houses safe, as well as our shopping district allowing you to sell and purchase all you could possibly need!

Our Servers:

We offer a no-lag servers with DDoS protection.

Our Main server is a PvPvE Survival Server where griefing is never allowed.
Our PvP server is griefable and full of action! Perfect for those who love to team raid!
Our CTF server is fun! Currently we have 3 Capture the Flag maps. Battle it out with your team to take the other teams flag! Will you be victorious?

Our Staff:

Our staff are here to help you with all aspects of minecraft, from basic questions to world guarding your towns!
They enforce our rules, and make the server a more enjoyable place to be! They have access to all our grief checking and anti-cheat plugins, so cheating is futile.

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