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Version 719
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Last Update13 Oct 2016
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    - **NEW** The ONLY server with full Dungeoneering
    - Thousands of active players daily with hundreds always online
    - Amazing, well balanced economy.  Tonnes of ways to make money and train
    - Great combat system & triangle.
    - Total of 24 trainable skills - including Farming and Construction!
    - Easy-to-use teleportation system & commands.
    - Creative home and market areas - nearly everything you could need to get going is available in one easy place.
    - Well designed chat system - ability to hide unwanted messages with ease.
    - Online Web Client, for those who don't want to download a client.
    - Desktop Client for Mac and Windows users alike, for those who would prefer not to use the Web Client.
    - Superb and respectful staff, who don't cheat or abuse their powers and play fairly as other players.
    - Most importantly: Our Amazing, friendly & well rounded community with fantastic members.