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Version 5.4.8 5.4 Mists of Pandaria
Type Instant 90 PVP No Lag No Custom Crossfaction BG Rating Arenas Friendly Staff Professional Staff Scripted Instances
Last Update14 Apr 2016
Join Date19 Feb 2016

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Change Logs
01 Apr 2016

CHANGELOG for 1.03.2016 30.03.2016

Development of the Spell System

The spell system has been re-written from scratch, so far 70% of the spell system has been coded. The spell system comes with unique features which creates a better quality of PVE/PVP action, while coding the system we've make sure to prevent bad habits of coding and to also improve the diff time of the server in general.

The main infrastructure of the spell system is done, and now need to feel in missing gaps to complete the system.


Mirror Images:
Mirror Images will now correctly cast Frost Bolt.

Player who glyphed Mirror Images will cast Firebolt/Arcane Blast depending on player spec.
Ice lance
Ice lance will no longer proc Heat Up!

Faerie Swarm
Faerie Swarm debuff lasts 15 seconds instead of 40.

Glyph of Skeleton
Glyph of Skeleton will now make your ghoul appear as a skeleton.

Colossus Smash
Colossus Smash will bypass 50% of the player armor.

Inner Sanctum
When Glyphed into Inner Sanctum, priests will receive 6% spell reduction.

Smoke Bomb
Smoke bomb will now correctly be placed where player is located.

Death and Decay
Death and Decay will no longer be dismissed randomly.

Rain of fire
Rain of fire should no longer to be able to stack one after another

Threat level has been fixed, and should no longer randomly bug out.


Temple of Kotmogu
When leaving the battleground; Power of the Orb! will now be dismissed.

Fixed an issue where player damage reduction decreases over time.

Power of the Orb damage calculation has been corrected.

The timer of the gates opening has been increased; blizzlike performance.


When duel ends, player will no longer die.

Fixed potential 8 crashes due to Aura handling.

BeastMaster will now correctly save the player pet into stable and will not dismiss after phasing.

Added additional teleporter locations.

Arena Rating
Players should no longer have - rating.

Fixed an issue where you cannot create a player account in console.