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Version 317
Type Economy Medium Rates Old School
Last Update27 Oct 2014
Join Date17 Jul 2014

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Project-69 is an eco 317 server that has been taken over by 2 people this year.
These two people have worked hard to makethis server unique to any other server by adding custom quests, items you won't find in most rsps and fun minigames.
Project-69 is a community based server, which means that the community decides what gets added and what gets removed from the game.
A couple of things we have include:

- 100% Custom Quests
- Melzar's maze
- Housing System
- Prestige System
- Unique Superior Donator Area
- Domination Tower
- Additional Slayer tasks
- Custom items (Different colour party hats, santa hats, H'ween masks, some custom weapons and some custom capes (including 3 kind of wings).
- Craftable items (Using materials gathered from PVM you can make your own strong items) (Example: Making a blurite sword out of drops from the blurite cave).

Change Logs
04 Sep 2014
No more updates will be written before this date as there are too many.
05 Sep 2014
- Dragon implings are lootable
18 Sep 2014
Added custom Quest
15 Oct 2014
- Max cape added - Completionist cape added - Veteran cape added - Classic cape added
23 Oct 2014
-New achievements - Special added to Darklight blade - Special added to Blurite sword - Halloween event added
26 Oct 2014
H'ween masks price in donating shop lowered for halloween.