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Version 317
Type Instant Level Old School Economy RuneScape Private Server PwnXile Boss Pets Instant PK Gambling 525
United States
Last Update21 Jul 2015
Join Date03 Aug 2014

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New Updates: Innovative Rating PK System, win your opponent's PK rating on death!

Welcome to OwnXile! We are an exciting 317 revision growing incredibly fast to reach the top. We promise extensive updates every week, frequently several times a week, and will never fall back on that promise. We offer the best gameplay that is voted on by the community to ensure a secure relationship with the players. Here at OwnXile you are able to create your own quests and potentially have them implemented in the game itself.

At OwnXile we strive to bring perfection in every aspect of the game, whether that is creating new content, fixing outstanding bugs and implementing suggestions based on by the community. Our developers and management team have years of experience and offer their time to help as often as they can. We have an amazing player retention rate and are sure you'll be hooked if you check us out!

Why OwnXile?

•Choose your own experience rates: Novice, Hero, Champion, Legend, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman with bonus perks

•Fixed screen, resizable and fullscreen clients available

•Bonus lottery every 3 hours

•Over 30+ perfected unique quests with several Grandmaster quests

•Build your own server using OwnScript. No coding knowledge required! Every submission counts, here we listen to our players.

•Boss Pets & Kill Count

•Dragon Claws & PvP Weapon Specs

•Stable Connection & No lag Uptime 100%, 24/7

•Active PKing in Edgeville, Green Dragons, Mage Bank & right-click PKing anywhere on the map coming soon.

•Working absorption bonuses for Elysian, Divine, Spectral and Arcane Spirit Shields.

•Perfect switches & KDR and EXP counter

•Working tier hiscores in every skill for those who are competitive

•Over 20 Boss Monsters including Tormented Demons, Corporeal Beast, The Inadequacy, Barrelchest Penance Queen, Godwars Dungeon, Multiple Wilderness Bosses

•Penance Queen Wilderness hunt with bonus experience and valuable rewards worth sharing with the community.

•Working random lottery and voting rewards.

•100% working Castle Wars, Fight Pits, Duel Arena Staking, Last Man Standing & more!

•Unique slayer system with monsters that include Abyssal Spectres, Goraks, Skeletal Wyverns & Mitril Dragons

•Ancient Magicks & Lunars for extensive & challenging wilderness PKing and Boss Hunting

•Automatic Donations system with the ability to donate for an appealing forum rank.

•Change the way your forum looks by selecting the available forum themes.

•Customizable gameplay on webclient or desktop downloadable client.

Our Mission

Here at OwnXile we take a different approach the other generic servers you come across. We work endlessly to bring you a dedicated, high performance environment to play our enjoyable, content-filled server emulator.

The content that has been implemented into the server has created not only a massive community but it also has created a feature where every player can have the role to create their own content and add to the game. We take every approach to make sure that the content implemented is enjoyable and what every player wants.

We also have a new tool, OwnScript, than enables anyone without any programming knowledge to submit their work and have it reviewed and voted upon or implementation. We listen to our players and want what they want; a gaming experience for all to enjoy.

Our Wilderness and intense minigames create challenges for those who seek more than just a game to play.

Staff Management

We offer several roles for our management team and ensure an all-around professional group of individuals to bring you an incredible gaming experience. Our developers take their time to put forth the best updates to maximize daily updates and potential player retention. Our moderators work with you and have been exercising great service since day one.

Are you ready to join in on the experience? Come check us out at www.OwnXile.com!


Change Logs
02 Oct 2014
It's been a long journey but we're finally here, we have finally left the Beta stages of the game and we are now happy to announce OwnXile has been officially released! all through the day staff will be hosting events and parties to celebrate the momentous occasion, from this point onward you can expect weekly updates filled with content for you all to enjoy, if you want to know any more information about the day-one events, and first week rewards, click the link http://ownxile.com/index.php?topic=1024.0. We thank you all for playing and test the Alpha stages of the game, and you will be rewarded for your efforts in the coming days. Today we've brought out a large portion of the updates we've been working on recently to celebrate the official launch of the game; here's a brief overview of the main changes. Players must now select a difficulty level which will impact their combat xp rate, more features surrounding difficulty levels will arrive soon. You can now start Legends quest outside the Legends guild if you have the necessary requirements. 3 ancient cures have been added to the prayer book; Rapid renewal, Soulsplit and Turmoil. A new quest 'Sandstorm' can be played in the desert. Clan chat messages have been assigned to the correct chat tab and now display crowns. PvP armor sets have been implemented and will be available as boss drops soon. A few OSRS items have been to the OXP shop as well as blessed spirit shield. Boss pets have been implemented and will be available as drops in the near future. When selecting a magic spell the spell is now correctly highlighted. Metal dragon attacks now require protection with an anti-dragonfire shield. Clan loot notifications have a more distinct green color and no longer announce junk items. Giant rock crabs have been added throughout the Waterbirth dungeon. Edgeville dungeon has been populated with various monsters and humanoids to kill. All item level requirements have been correctly assigned. F-keys have now been assigned to the 'correct' tabs, switching items and prayers is now vastly quicker. A second course agility has been added that can be accessed via Benny. There have also been a large amount of bug fixes, aesthetic improvements and minor feature additions. We have paved the way for a large amount of major content additions this month and the server should hopefully begin to grow bigger in the coming days and weeks. And, as always; in the meantime, don't forget to help us out by: Voting for us on the toplists Provide feedback and suggestions Respond to our latest community polls Inform all your friends about the big release! PwnXile is back as OwnXile and has been officially released!
20 Nov 2014
The team has been working hard to bring you plenty of new content, tweak and fixes. Below is a long list of updates that have been implemented: The Penance queen has been released and randomly spawns every hour in random deep wilderness locations. Its loot includes guaranteed rare items plus a 200 oxp reward. The Farming skill has been given a rework. You can now plant multiple herb plants at once but must wait several minutes for each one to grow. This supports growing different plants simultaneously and you are notified once the plant is fully grown. The mining skill has been repaired with correct speeds, you can use any mining rock on the map and also teleport to the essence mine via Aubury. We've completely reworked quest data saving to get patch the quest reset bug. Unfortunately this means everyones quests have been reset however quest cape will now be a genuine achievement and you'll only have to do the quest once more. The magic spell splash calculation accuracy has been improved due to popular demand. The Staff of the dead gives a 25% spell damage bonus. The webclient page has been updated and a nice new menu bar. Mage longbow high alchemy price has increased to 34,200 coins. The bear fur price in the shop has now doubled. Ava's attractor are now able to collect used throwing weapons, which including ranging knives, chinchompas and bolt racks. Both colored attractors now work. The grey one has a 20% chance of failure and the blue one has a 33% chance for failure. The Barrelchest and Sea Troll Queen has been added to the personal kill counter and OXP rewards. The amount of points achieved by killing a player has increased to 5 points. The Gorak loot table has been changed and you are now able to receive Gorak Claws. Pirate gear added to treasure caskets. The Robin Hood hat and Ranger Boots have been removed from treasure caskets and have now been deemed unobtainable from them as well. Ironman shop access has been fixed for several quest shops and increased across the map. Mining speeds have been increased. Ironman can no longer loot other peoples loot to create a challenge. Ice blitz combat glitch fixed. Exploits involving experience and antique lamps has been fixed. Exploits involving transferring items to Ironman accounts has been patched. Updates 19th November You can now select themes on the forum, a dropdown menu is on the bottom of the right column of the homepage. The werewolf agility course has received some attention with some new NPC's and extra redeemable OXP. The magic spells bones to bananas and bones to peaches are now fully functional. Kalphite workers, soldiers and guardians in the kalphite lair now deal the correct damage. Slayer tower has been modified with refreshed drop tables, fixed doors and animations. A kill feed of has been added to display when a player is defeated in the wilderness. You can now use the spell superheat item to turn any ore into a bar. Ruby, dragon and onyx bolts can now be fletched, the bolt tips and unf bolts have been added to loot tables. The beginner training weaponry has been given a speed boost to assist newcomers. Range damage is now more realistic plus damage bonuses for hardened modes now apply. Divine and elysian now have the correct absorbtion effects against monsters. Redemption prayer now heals you in pvp combat when your health falls below 10. Slayer helmet now has the correct stat bonuses and gives 15% melee damage increase vs your slayer task monster. Occult necklace now gives a 10% spell damage bonus in pvp. Keep sending in your suggestions and feedback, this really helps us to get an idea of what the community would like to see improved and added. Please also continue to invite your friends and vote to help us grow. We are growing quickly and want to continue to achieve the success we currently are.
20 Nov 2014
As promised, we will be doing several community events and updates this weekend that will surely be beneficial for all. Firstly, if you have not read the most recent announcement thread, please click here. The team has been working hard to bring these updates to the community and there will be more to come, as always! Our priority is to push out as much perfected content as we can and by your suggestions, feedback and minor bug reports, we have just done that and we are continuing to do so every day to be the best of the best. Below is an outline of this weekend in terms of events and updates: Double experience weekend will begin November 21st 8 AM GMT. Last man standing PK tournament will begin November 21st 8 PM GMT with tons of rewards you cannot miss! More events will be announced in-game throughout this weekend. Donations will be available beginning December 1st. Roving Elves and other quest bugs will be fixed by the end of this Sunday. Lletya will be accessible with the completion of Roving Elves. The second part of the quest, Elven War, will be released one week from when the first quest is fixed and released. Gnome scarf coming soon. OwnXile Wikipedia template will be posted by the end of Sunday and will be officially released to the community next week. Players will be able to submit pages upon administrator approval. Much more content that has been suggested by the community will of course be implemented by the end of the week, including the ability to vote and claim rewards every 12 hours instead of every 24 hours. We hope to see everybody in-game for this incredible weekend. Please continue to invite your friends and vote for rewards to help us grow.