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Version preeoc 742 rs2
Type 100 Bosses 20 Minigames All Skills Perfect Stable Economy Large Player Base PlayerGE Weekly Events
United States
Last Update24 Sep 2017
Join Date22 Sep 2017

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Onyx is a project based on latest pre-eoc version. We are built on community suggestions! Relive the best days of your memories!


->All skills working
->Every single Runescape shop
->Warrior Guild
->Stealing Creation
->Puro-Puro->Sorcererness Garden
->Dwarf Cannon
->Stable Eco
->Fully Dungeoneering with all bosses
->100+ Bosses
->Full animation
->Dominion Tower
->All teleport methods
->Every Slayer task working
->Full Construction
->Full character customization