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Version 317 PrE Eoc
Type 10 Bosses Zulrah Cerberus EcoPk Pre Eoc Old School Bosses Old School Content Gambling Clan Pking
Last Update20 Mar 2017
Join Date05 Jul 2016

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Zamorak - Runescape Private Server



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Here at Project Z we can gurantee you, we are a unique & thrilling server, and it will keep you playing. With one of the best communities around, we'll keep your interest in the game.

We have been up and running for more than a Year now and with community driven updates, an active community, and the right amount of content and interaction we will continue to strive to being the leading RuneScape Private Server.



We're an economy based server with an active community averaging over 250+ players daily. An interactive staff team along with an active Owner & Development team who listens to the players when it comes to bringing in updates.


Key Features:

  • Old School Bosses such as Cerberus, Callisto, Venenatis Scorpia, Vet'ion, and much more to come.
  • Old School Items such as Toxic Staff of the Dead, Blowpipe, Trident of the Seas, Tentacle Whip, Zamorkian Hasta, and much more.
  • Custom Bosses / Bosses, such as Nex, Glod, Penace Queen, King Black Dragon, Giant Moles, Nomad, Daggonaths, Frost Dragons, Slayer Bosses, and more.
  • Minigames, such as Fight Caves, Zombies, Challenge Arena, Quattro Bosses, Duel Arena, Chaotic Dungeon, and much more.
  • Well of the Goodwill, which allows players to deposit cash into rewarding players of the game after a certain amount of cash desposited.
  • An active gambling community where players can play various games of Dice, & Flower games, through Hosts, and trusted members of the community.
  • A fully working Wilderness Target System which allows players to hunt their targets for Bonus Rewards.
  • Deep Wilderness Bosses, such as Ganodermic Beast, which drops weapson and gear such as Polypore Staff & Ganodermic Mage armor.
  • Great Incentives for Voting and supporting the server. Which wants players to vote and continue supporting and playing the game.
  • Loyalty System which allow players to Obtain Titles next to their names.
  • Boss Pets for all Bosses, such as Nex, Kraken, Callisto, Venenatis, etc.
  • All working skills besides Construction / Summoning / Dungeoneering are fully functioning.
  • Achievements Systems which allow players to be determined to complete and earn rewards based upon completion
  • Custom Godwars Dungeon which allow players to teleport directly to the Bosses.
  • Lag Free Dedicated Hosting, With 24/7 Uptime, and no chance of being shut down.
  • Great Community Forums, which are appealing to players with great performance and speeds.
  • Shooting Stars which allow players to obtain stardust and use for stores and trade with players to obtain items / gear.
  • Fully working Combat System with correct formulas.
  • Working Experience Drop System along with OsRs Exp Rates while in Combat with Players.
  • Fully working Clan Chat System, with Ranks, Coin Share, Loot Share, Permissions, Icons, and more.
  • Kill streak systems which display players and reward players who are on a KillStream and are dominant during their Wilderness Activity