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Version S6 Ep3
Type Low Rate
United States
Last Update31 Mar 2013
Join Date31 Mar 2013


MuGlobal team pleased to announce the opening of the server will be on Monday 04/01/2013 Final date!
We worked hard on the server to make you maximum enjoyment and a good challenge to all of you!
This is an Israeli server but not prevented people from outside to Israel to play it, it says there is not a limit of people.
Our server is based on an application server with the new season and stable market, Season 6 Episode 3 unique files by group IGCN, files are improvements as monster hp bar,trading offline system, jewels and more.
Server information:
Experience - 80.
drop - low.
Bless bug - does not work on our server.
Rest level - 400.
Rest costs - 50 million species.
zen drop - very low.
jewels drop - low.
Excellent drop - very low.
Max Stats - 65535.
Points Per Level - 5/7.
clear pk level - clear Level 1 will cost you 1 million Zen.
Spots - spots are hidden in various maps, as well as each map has its spotlights.
Open Rage & Sum - Level 0, no need cards.
There is a maximum balance between the characters.
Server systems:
TradeOff system - a system in which a player can sell his own store items without being in the game.
Very simple, player who has an open shop writes the command / shopoff. His player will disconnect from the game but will continue to stay in the game with the store open.
Hero System game (Hero) - killers murdered the game and bring up the level of your player's hero.
Bank of the game (Vaults) - There are three other banks for each user.
Party system - a system that gives bonus Exp amount of players you have, details of our forum.
3D camera - a camera that can deliver diverse every angle in the game.
New jewels - you can find an explanation about our forum.
Monster HP bar - , you know how much life left to the monster.
System Wedding game - Details about the wedding and how great it in our forum.
Bonus experience and drop daily - every day at 20:00 (server hours) will get extra experience and drop.
Game shop system - by clicking the X button you can enter game store, the store will be updated all the time by her prices and items.
Website systems:
Online Shop - can sell / buy items from players on the server for Zen, credits, points W, jewels.
Will be guide in our forum on how to sell items or buy them.
Bank of jewels - jewels deposit in the bank will grant you the opportunity to buy things on website from users that selling items for jewels.
Buying Wcoins C / P by Zen - We are not limit to use just the credits, can buy these points by zen.
Donate and help the server:
This server is not commercialized, that would not be possible to buy sets or parts here and other items.
All trade up to you, but we still have big expenses every month to make you pleasure, we offer you packages credits at any budget.
What can you do with the credits in the game?
Trade with players for good items
Buy Vip by using our site system
Convert the credits to WCoins C / P.
We promise to be professional and answer all of your answers in 48 hours.
You have to understand, this is a new server and may change / faults / problems at the beginning, we promise to resolve as quickly as possible and provide you the maximum gaming experience.
Thank you all and see you on the server!
Staff MuGlobal - Israel