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MineALot MC | Multiple Servers | 24/7 | Lag Free |

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Below you will find a list of some current features each of our servers have.
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- Survival -
McMMO, Lottery, Slot Machines, Protection Stones, Admin Shops, Voting Rewards, Virtual Horses, Reward Token Shop & More!

- Factions -
Auctions, Raiding, Looting, Admin Shops, Destroy Obsidian, McMMO, Voting Rewards, Reward Token Shop, Magic spells & More!

- Skyblock -
Challenges, Parkour, Admin Shop, Reward Token Shop, Voting Rewards, Up to 4 players per island

- Creative -
Plots, Disguises, World Edit, Tag, Hats, Role play & More!

- Hunger Games -
Kits, Multiple / Rotating maps

We have a very active 120 slot team speak server for all MineALot members! Join us using the IP in your teamspeak client.

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