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Version 530
Type 100 Grand Exchange 15 Minigames 25 Bosses Auto Vote Auto Donate Achievements Ironman Veteran Cape Loyalty System Mature Community
United States
Last Update30 Dec 2015
Join Date30 Dec 2015

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Server Features
Full Screen, Resizable & Fixed Screen clients
Togglable Gameframes and many other client options
Working Grand Exchange & Well of Goodwill
Duo Slayer with multiple slayer masters
15+ Bosses including Nex and Kalphite Queen
One click skill teleports, Bank Tabs & Searching
Working minigames and staking!
Pking with rewards and pre-made pking setups
Multiple levels of dungeoneering with or without a team
Working God Wars Dungeon, Shooting Stars & Effigies
Awesome Donor benefits with Automatic Donation
Voting Rewards [as well as double xp for the server]
Over 100 achievements and many more to come!
Working PK, Xp, Achievement Scoreboards
Clan Chat Ranks, Lootshare and Gambling
All Skills Working, No Disconnects. Lag-Free!
Great community and dedicated staff members