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Change Logs
18 Apr 2016

MW Patch 0.5


Paladin Seals Re-Worked
Movement Maps Improved
Area Triggers Improved
Creature_Template Improved (AQ20&40)
Numerous Game Objects updated
Many Equipment fixes for MC and BWL (Full list bellow):
Blackwing Guardsman, Blackwing Legionnaire, Grethok the Controller, Blackwing Mage, Blackwing Warlock, Blackwing Spellbinder, Blackwing Taskmaster, Talon Dragonspawn, Talon Captain, Talon Seether, Death Talon Overseer, Blue/Green/Bronze/Red/Black Drakonid, Broodlord Lashlayer, Chromatic Drakonid, Enraged Felguard, Death Talon Flamescale, Onyxian Warder, Death Talon Wyrmkin, Death Talon Hatcher, Death Talon Wyrmguard, Blackwing Technician.

Model ID 257 now displays correct gender
NPC Erin (Lakeshire) Updated Position and Model
Quest A Pledge for Secrecy Fixed
Spawn timers of herbs in Dire Maul Corrected
Dun Morogh – updates:
Gnome Engineer - 2 spawns removed (should never be there)
Leper Gnome – movement Fixes
Gnome Engineer should be found only in Dun Morogh airfield.

Zixil <Merchant Supreme> and his guard will patrolbetween Tarren Mill and Southshore.
Marshal Dughan – gossip text added
Mountaineer Stormpike - gossip added and missing text
Fixed gossip menu of (Captured Arko'narin) in Felwood
Added missing spawns of rare (Death Howl) in Felwood
Added missing equipment to (Arko'narin) and (Spirit of TreyLightforge) in Felwood

Updated stats of NPCs 11016, 11018, 11019, 11020 & 11141involved in quest Rescue from Jaedenar
Health and/or armor values were wrong or using laterexpansion values. They are now reverted to what they were in Classic
Added missing WP to creature 10807 (Brumeran) inWinterspring
Moved waypoints for Ursius
Added missing equipment to (General Cobaltann) and changedits rank to rare elite
Added missing GO 177414 (Gem of Elune), 177415 (Light ofElune), 177416 (Aura of Elune) in Winterspring
Removed wrong GO in Dustwallow Marsh: they were added inTBC. There are several 'floating' Blackhoof Cages & a floating Campfire within the Bluefen area.
Set quest Shy-Rotam to be Horde only
Shy-Rotam ID 10737 to tameable
Sian-Rotam ID: 10741 to tameable
Changing spell used in companion items to implemented ones
Correcting the scale of companion npcs
Reducing Wondervolt trap radius so effect is confined withinpad
Goli was AWOL against his will, changed to correct location
Adding missing Winter Helper to DB for spell 26157

Adding Pat's Snowcloud Guy to IF, SW, Tirisfal, Org, BootyBay
Adding Snowcloud effect
Adding objects and npcs to Winter Veil event
Increasing size of objs 180798 and 180799 to correct size
Adding Hardpacked Snowball to item_template
Adding presents under Tanaris tree
Adding missing modelid for red girl winter helper

Fixed stats of some spawned creatures in Blackrock Spire andFelwood (1020 & 1024)
Fixed missing model from [1031]

Class Quest:
Fixed quest 590 (A Rogue's Deal)

Added missing end script for quest 1059 (Reclaiming theCharred Vale 2) in Feralas, NPCs, spells and texts are correct
Fixed quest 3801 (Dark Iron Legacy) in Blackrock Mountain
Wandering Eye of Kilrogg Improved
Added missing equipment to three NPCs in Blackrock Depths
-- Watchman Doomgrip, Gorosh the Dervish and Ok'thor theBreaker
Added missing lore text to GOs 153556 (Thaurissan Relic) inBurning Steppes
Added support for Dark Coffer event in Blackrock Depths
Added missing GO (portraits and nameplates) and put theminto pools
Added script to spawn Dark Keepers NPCs (one per instance)
Added waypoints for one of the Dark Keeper
Prevented exploit of the Dark Coffer
Various fixes: flags, factions, respawn time...
Added missing GO spawns (Dark Keeper Nameplate and DarkKeeper Portrait)
Linked Dark Guards with Dark Keeper Bethek: aggro and follow
Improved quest 4283 (Jail Break!) in Blackrock Depths
Fixed NPC 9682 (Marshal Reginald Windsor) factions, flagsand speed
Fixed some script texts used in quest 4322 (Jail Break!) inBlackrock Depths
Fixed respawn time of NPCs 8901 (Anvilrage Reservist) infront of General Angerforge in Blackrock Depths
Fixed quest 4136 (Ribbly Screwspigot) in Blackrock Depths
Fixed rank of NPC 16184 (Nerubian Overseer) because it wasrare elite in Classic
Fixed rank of NPC 1852 (Araj the Summoner) because it iselite but not rare
Removed useless creature addon and moved them tocreature_template_addon for NPC 10580 (Fetid Zombie) in Western Plaguelands
Fixed stats of NPC 10717 (Temporal Parasite) that wasdealing too much damage and was missing mana
Added missing spell target
Fixed stats of one undead NPC at Dalson's Tear in WesternPlaguelands
Fixed stats NPC 1796 (Freezing Ghoul) in Andorhal in WesternPlaguelands: it was dealing too much damage (still having its elite damage)
-- also fixed Fire resistance of NPC 1795 (Searing Ghoul)
Deleted NPC 10979 at Dalson's Tear in Western Plaguelands asit is summoned
Fixed speed of NPC 11076 (Cauldron Lord Razarch) in WesternPlaguelands who was moving too fast (walk/run speed were inverted)
Added missing WP to NPC 10816 (Wandering Skeleton) because
-- it was very static for a wandering one
Fixed drop chance of quest item 12738 (Dalson Outhouse Key)as it should only drop once the first part of the quest line is completed
Removed spawns of NPC 10979 (Scarlet Hounds) because theyshould be summoned
Improved gossip menu of NPC 10739 (Mulgris Deepriver) inWestern Plaguelands
Improved gossip menu of NPC 10304 (Aurora Skycaller) inEastern Plaguelands
Added missing spawns of rare NPC 10821 (Hed'mush theRotting) in Eastern Plaguelands
MC Fixes – Loot drops corrected, various AI improvements,added missing spells, and more.
MC Boss Updates (stat changes, movement, linkages, and more):
Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas,Garr, Baron Geddon, Shazzrah, Sulfuron Harbinger, Golemagg, Majordomo Executus, Ragnaros, Molten Giant, Firelord, Lava Spawn, Lava Annihilator, Lava Surger, Ancient Core Hound, Flame Imp, Core House, Flamewaker Protector, Molten Destroyer, Firesworn, Lava Elemental, Lava Reaver, Firewalker, Flame Guard, Flamewalker Priest, Core Rager, Flamewalker Elite, Flamewaker Healer, Son of Flame,
Accursed Slitherblade, Antilos, Araga, Blind Hunter, BruegalIronknuckle, Burgel Eye, Captain Beld, Darkmist Widow, Diamond Head, Elder Mystic Razorsnout, Foreman Jerris, Foulbelly, Gatekeeper Rageroar, General Colbatann, General Fangferror, Giggler, Gilmorian, Gish the Unmoving, Gnawbone, Gorgon'och, Gretheer, Grizzle Snowpaw, Hahk'Zor, Heggin Stonewhisker, Immolatus, J alinde Summerdrake, Kaskk, Kazon, Korvok, Kregg Keelhaul, Krellack, Krethis Shadowspinner, Krom'Grul, Kurmokk, Lord Angler, Lord Sinslayer, Magister Hawkhelm, Magronos the Unyielding, Malfunctioning Reaver, Ma'ruk Wyrmscale, Master Digger, Meshlok the Harvester, Monnos the Elder, Nefaru, Oozeworm, Panzor the Invincible, Omgorn the Lost, Rak'shiri, Rekk'tilac, Razormaw Matriarch, Ripscale, Ruul Onestone, Scald, Sludge Beast, Smoldar, Soriid the Devourer, Spiteflayer, Takk the Leaper, Sri'skulk, Terrowulf Packlord, Thauris Balgarr, The Reak, The Rot, The Ongar, Threggil, Thunderstomp, Uhk'loc, Ursol'lok, Uruson, Volchan, Zul'Brin Warpbranch.

Removed two wrongly spawned NPCs: Cliff Giant #51697 &Land Walker #51692
Fix model of NPC 8096 (Protector of the People) in Westfall
Fixed stats of NPC's minion Voidwalker and Succubus: theywere using Imp's stats

Fixed stats of "trash" NPCs in Blackrock Depths:
Anvilrage Overseer, Anvilrage Warden, Anvilrage Guardsman, AnvilrageFootman, Anvilrage Soldier, Anvilrage Medic, Anvilrage Officer, Anvilrage Marshal, Anvilrage Reservist, Anvilrage Captain, Reginald Windsor, Marshal Reginald Windsor, Doomforge Arcanasmith, Ragereaver Golem, Wrath Hammer Construct, Weapon Technician, Ribbly Screwspigot, Ribbly's Crony, Fireguard Destroyer, Blazing Fireguard, Fireguard, Doomforge Craftsman, Doomforge Dragoon, Shadowforge Citizen, Shadowforge Flame Keeper, Shadowforge Senator, Shadowforge Peasant, Molten War Golem, Blackbreath Crony, Hammered Patron, Grim Patron, Guzzling Patron, Twilight's Hammer Torturer, Twilight Emissary, Twilight Bodyguard, Twilight's Hammer Ambassador, Twilight's Hammer Executioner, Dark Guard, Bloodhound, Bloodhound Mastiff, Dredge Worm, Deep Stinger, Dark Screecher, Burrowing Thundersnout, Borer Beetle, Cave Creeper, Arena Spectator,

Fixed stats of boss NPCs in Blackrock Depths:
Lord Roccor, Houndmaster Grebmar, High Interrogator Gerstahn,High Justice Grimstone, Anub'shiah, Eviscerator, Gorosh the Dervish, Grizzle, Hedrum the Creeper, Ok'thor the Breaker, Pyromancer Loregrain, Warder Stilgiss, Verek, Watchman Doomgrip, Dark Keeper Bethek, Dark Keeper Ofgut, Dark Keeper Pelver, Dark Keeper Uggel, Dark Keeper Vorfalk, Dark Keeper Zimrel, Fineous Darkvire, Lord Incendius, Bael'Gar, General Angerforge, Golem Lord Argelmach, Ribbly Screwspigot, Hurley Blackbreath, Phalanx, Plugger Spazzring, Ambassador Flamelash, Panzor the Invincible, Doom'rel, Dope'rel, Gloom'rel, Anger'rel, Hate'rel, Vile'rel, Seeth'rel, Magmus, Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, Christmas Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, Princess Moira Bronzebeard, High Priestess of Thaurissan
Linked all NPCs in The Manufactory to NPC 8983 (Golem LordArgelmach) in Blackrock Depths
Fixed model of two NPCs in BRD Ring of Law event
Added support for Shadowforge Bridge event in BRD
Made some of the Grim Guzzler patrons dance on the tables
Remade the Manufactory in Blackrock Depths
Fixed flags of NPC 9537 (Hurley Blackbreath) and NPCs 9541(Blackbreath Crony)
Fixed equipment of NPC 9537 (Hurley Blackbreath) and NPCs9541 (Blackbreath Crony)
Static Doomforge Arcanasmith / Weapon Technician
Static Wrath Hammer Construct and Ragereaver Golem
Improved Patrols
NPC Kashoch the Reaver Fixed
NPC Azurous Fixed
NPC Hematos Fixed
NPC Volchan Added Script
NPC Ancient Protector Improved
NPC Huntress Skymane Improved
NPC Huntress Ravenoak Improved
Huntress Leafrunner Improved
Updated NPC 5709 (Shade of Eranikus) in Sunken Temple: it isnow unattackable until Jammal'An is defeated
Quest The Knife Revealed Fixed
Quest after defeted in quest "Challenge OverlordMok'Morokk" he should respawn quicker for other players.
Improved quest 4265 based on UDB script by @Grz3s
Quest The Missing Diplomat Fixed
Fixed damage of NPC 14986 (Shade of Jin'do): they must doshadow damage instead of physical
Removed pickpocket and loot templates id from 3 NPCs: theentries were not existing and they should have none
Fixed movement animation of water-only NPCs and of some NPCsthat should walk at water bottom instead of swimming
Removed a few lingering creature addons left after thecreature spawns were removed
Removed emote that was not existing in Classic and replaceit by state change
Removed loot templates from NPCs that should have none
Fixed wrong modelId of NPC 8927 (Dark Screecher)
Added missing spawn of NPC 5981 (Portal Seeker) in BlastedLands
Added missing Giant Surf Glider elite creatures in Tanaris
Fixed quest 3092 text to reflect actual player name

Moon Priestess Amara (GUID 46394) should be followed byHuntress Nhemai (GUID 46414) and Huntress Yaeliura (GUID 46416) They previously had individual waypoint movement, which desyncs the group when Amara is stoping to give/accept her quest

Misc Changes to horde start in WSG
Honor now works again and counts correctly

Triage Keep Durotar:
NPC’s Updated:
Lieutenant Benedict
Kul Tiras Sailor
Kul Tiras Marine

Journal of Jandice Barov no longer static Spawn

The Prophet Skeram, Lord Kri, Vem, Princess Yauj,Battleguard Sartura, Frankriss, Viscidus, Glob of Viscidius, Viscidius Trigger, Princess Huhuran, Emperor Vak’lor, Emperor Vek'nilash, The Master's Eye, Qiraji Scarab, Qiraji Scorpion, Ouro, C'Thun, Eye of C'Thun.

Added missing items to NPC vendor Nathaniel Steenwick
Removing incorrect midsummer stations for each area(Stations not implemented Razor Hill, Morgan's Vigil, Brill, Chillwind, Bloodhoof Village)

Removing incorrect event items, npcs, gamobjects etc.
Flame of Shattrath, Alliance Bonfire, Horde Bonfire, master-- -- fire eater, midsummer vendors Flame of Shattrath, midsummer Merchant + Costumes, Torch Target Braziers, Changing Celebrants to Firebreathers, Removing Torch Target Braziers, Slight adjustment to flame position + trap
Adding Tent +Decorations
Adding festival Loremaster, Flamekeeper and relocatingFirebreathers
Changing Ironforgeevent area
Removing Torch Target Braziers
Adjusting Crate positions + adding braziers
Updating Loremaster and adding Flamekeeper
Changing 2 Celebrants to IF Firebreathers
Removing remaining Celebrants

Changing DarnassusEvent Area
Removing Torch Target Braziers
Setting Flame of Darnassus to correct model
Slight adjustment to Flame position
Slight adjustment of Loremaster's position
Adding 2 Darn Firebreathers by changing 2 celebrant npcs
Removing 2 remaining celebrants
Adding Flamekeeper
Adding tent,tables and decorations
Adjusting Ribbon Pole position

Changing UndercityEvent Area
Adjusting Flame of the Undercity to correct model
Ribbon Pole
Table, mugs, crates and braziers
Adding Festival NPCs
Adjusting UC and TB Fireeater to match Org
Adding UC Fireeater x 3
Adding Flamekeeper + Talespinner

Changing ThunderbluffEvent Area
Adjusting Flame of Thunderbluff to correct model
Removing Torch Target Braziers
Adjusting flame + trap + Music Doodad position
Adjusting Ribbon Pole position
Adding Festival Tent plus decorations
Adjusting position of Festival Talespinner
Changing 2 Celebrants to Fireeaters and adjusting position
Adding Festival Flamekeeper
Removing 2 remaining Celebrants

Changing OrgrimmarEvent Area
Adjusting Flame of Orgrimmar to correct model
Removing Torch Target Braziers
Adjusting flame + trap + Music Doodad position
Adjusting Ribbon Pole position
Adding 2 braziers
Adding Festival Tent plus decorations
Adjusting Festival Talespinner position
Adding Flamekeeper
Changing 3 Celebrants to Fireeaters and adjusting position
Removing remaining Celebrant

Flame of Stratholme + trap
Flame of Scholomance + trap
Flame of Dire Maul + trap
Adding Stations for Darkshore, Ashenvale, The Barrens andStonetalon

Creating Darkshore area station
Adding Flame of Darkshore + trap
Adding Festival Tent plus decorations
Adding Ribbon Pole
Adding Midsummer Celebrants x 3

Creating Ashenvale area station
Adding Flame of Ashenvale + trap

Creating The Barrens area station
Adding Flame of the Barrens + trap

Creating Stonetalon area station
Adding Flame of Stonetalon + trap

Creating the Winterspring area station
Adding Flame of Winterspring + trap
Adding Tent + decorations
Adding Ribbon Pole

Creating the Azshara area station
Adding Flame of Azshara + trap
Adding Tent + decorations

Adding additional model to Darn Firebreather
Adding female model to IF Firebreather
Adding additional (gender) models for Org, TB and UC (FireEaters)
Updating Midsummer Bonfire (obj 181288) to Spellfocus
Adding to Capital City Flames
Fixing up db warnings for low current health of some npcs.Setting current health to maximum health
Adding complete script entry for flame turn-in quests toquest id from npc id as is currently

Adjusting Cinder Elemental to correct size
Quest Fixing Objective placement in A Light in Dark Placesquests
Quest Removing incorrect quest requirement for quest 9386and making it non-repeatable
Quest Correcting Next Quest ID for stealing flames quests.Should be horde -> 9339 and alliance -> 9365 + adding fire festival fortitude buff on eachstealing flames quest completion
Quest Adding correct OfferRewardText for A Thief's Rewardsquests and removing incorrect Details and Objectives entries
Deleting wrong version objects and npcs (many many NPCSfixed)
Add missing spell script target for 17652
Quest Added missing areatrigger relation to quest 6185(Eastern Plagues)
Updated some rare NPCs in the Western and EasternPlaguelands: stats, waypoints and/or spawn points
Waypoint movement to Stone Fury
More possible spawns for Duggan Wildhammer
Added missing spell script target for 29437 for MidsummerFire Festival Fury buff
Improved scripts when using Capital Flames

WC Fixes
Fixed level, health, mana and damage stats of the creatures(trash, rares and bosses) in the Wailing Caverns. They are now similar to what they were back in Classic.
NPC Deviate Moccasin Fixed
Deviate Guardian/Ravager Fixed
Deviate Crocolisk Fixed
Evolving Ectoplasm Fixed
Druid of the Fang Fixed
Deviate Viper Fixed
Deviate Adder Fixed
Spawn Distance adjustments
Spawn Distance Adjustments to already spawned lashers
Critter Adjustments
Disciple of Naralex, gossip text Fixed

DM Fixes:
Several improvements in the Deadmines to bring them back toClassic times
Adjust spawn position of Captain Greenskin (ID 79333)
Linking Captain Greenskin and his accompanying adds
Defias Blackguard
-- Defias Conjurer
-- Defias Evoker
-- Defias Henchman
-- Defias Magician
-- Defias Miner
-- Defias Overseer
-- Defias Pirate
-- Defias Squallshaper
-- Defias Squallshaper
-- Defias Strip Miner
-- Defias Taskmaster
-- Defias Watchman
-- Defias Wizard
-- Defias Worker
-- Goblin Engineer
-- Goblin Shipbuilder
-- Goblin Woodcarver
-- Skeletal Miner
-- Undead Excavator
-- Undead Dynamiter
-- Brainwashed Noble
-- Captain Greenskin
-- Cookie
-- Edwin VanCleef
-- Foreman Thistlenettle
-- Gilnid
-- Miner Johnson
-- Mr. Smite
-- Rhahk'Zor
-- Sneed's Shredder
-- Sneed

More NPC Fixes:
-- Fixed movement of two NPCs in Felwood
-- Alzzin the Wildshaper [58]
-- Alzzin's Minion [56]
-- Death Lash [57-58]
-- Fel Lash [56]
-- Hydroling [57]
-- Hydrospawn [57]
-- Ironbark the Redeemed [58] [NOBESTIARY]
-- Isalien [60]
-- Isalien Trigger [60] [NOBESTIARY]
-- Empyrean [60]
-- Lethtendris [57]
-- Old Ironbark [58] [NOBESTIARY]
-- Phase Lasher [54-55]
-- Pimgib [56]
-- Pusillin [57]
-- Warpwood Crusher [56]
-- Warpwood Guardian [57-58]
-- Warpwood Stomper [57-58]
-- Warpwood Tangler [55-56]
-- Warpwood Treant [54-55]
-- Whip Lasher [54]
-- Wildspawn Betrayer [55-56]
-- Wildspawn Felsworn [55-56] [NODMGMULT]
-- Wildspawn Hellcaller [56-57]
-- Wildspawn Imp [56]
-- Wildspawn Rogue [56-57]
-- Wildspawn Satyr [55-56]
-- Wildspawn Shadowstalker [56]
-- Wildspawn Trickster [56-57]
-- Zevrim Thornhoof [57]

Fixed level, health, mana and damage stats of the creatures(trash, and bosses) in Scholomance. They are now similar to what they were back in Classic.
Made creature Plagued Hatchlings have random movement
Closed Ras Frostwhisper Laboratory's door in Scholomance
Removed wrong spawn of Risen Lackey because this NPC issummoned
Added missing equipment to NPC 10579 (Kirtonos the Herald)and NPC 11439 (Illusion of Jandice Barov)
Added missing visual events for quest Krastinov, The Butcherin Scholomance
Fixed stats of NPC 16119 (Bone Minion)

-- Klaven's Tower - Westfall
-- Waypoints for creatures around that area
-- Malformed Defias Drone
-- Defias Drone
-- Venture Co. Drone
-- Defias Tower Sentry

Patrolling Necrofiend Fixed
Defias Tower Patrollers Fixed
Defias Tower Patroller correct models.

chat between creatures fixes:
-- Guard Kurall + Horde Guard (Barrens)
-- Horde Guard + Horde Guard (Barrens)
-- Horde Guard + Horde Guard (Barrens)
-- Peon + Peon (Barrens)
-- Guard Taruc (Barrens)
-- Grub + Duhng (Barrens)
-- Defias Thug + Defias Thug (Northshire Vineyards) -1
-- Defias Thug + Defias Thug (Northshire Vineyards) -2
-- Defias Thug + Defias Thug (Northshire Vineyards) -3
-- Defias Thug + Defias Thug (Northshire Vineyards) -4

Northshire: Added missing alternate gossip texts fromwarrior, paladin and hunters
-- used when player is not from the required class
Updated Many Paladin Trainer Gossip Text
Updated Many Warrior Trainer Gossip Text
Updated Many Hunter Trainer Gossip Text

Added missing gameobject in Blackfathom Deeps. And revert itto Classic ways.
Now players will be able to teleport back to the waters theinstance entrance after defeating Aku'Mai Morridune will spawn and offer Alliance players teleport to Darnassus teleport position corrected.
Altar of the Deeps : missing trap added
Revert spell to the one used in Classic: Players should beteleported to waters at the instance entrance
Improved Spawn on Aku'mai's death
Fixed NPC 45477 (Lumberjack) in Westfall not using his woodchop emote
-- Undead Scarab

-- Plagued Maggot

-- Plagued Rat

-- Plagued Insect

-- Black Guard Sentry [NOBESTIARY]

-- Black Guard Swordsmith [NOBESTIARY]

-- Mindless Undead

-- Onyxia [63]
-- Onyxian Warder [60-63]
-- Onyxian Whelp [56-57]
-- Flagglemurk the Cruel
-- drop corrected
-- spawns corrected (missing added)
-- waypoints for first spawn
-- added into pools.

Lady Vespira Add to item drops & movement
Added missing alternate gossip texts from mage, warlock anddruid trainers used when player is not from the required class
Added teleport to Chillwind Camp in Western Plaguelands


Here's a peek at some (not all!) of the changes we've made in yesterdays update.