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Version Goddess of Destruction
Last Update20 May 2013
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Custom stuff

- Exp/SP/Adena rate: 5000x
- Safe enchant: +3
- Max enchant: +16
- Enchant rate: variable (read more below)
- GoD Geodata
- Antibots

- Tenkai events:
Most of you will love our events engine, it brings 4 years of continuous improvements and additions, and they will be improved during this server's life too. We won't go deeper with it because it would take ages to read the resulting paragraph, so we invite you to take a look by yourself.

- Merchant NPC:
It will include all the gear, also R-Grade in its unidentified state.
The event prizes and donation rewards will also be accessible from this NPC.

- Teleporter NPC:
This NPC teleports you practically anywere and for free. Its teleports also include Gracia zones, the new Talking Island and Magmeld.

- Services NPC:
There you will be able to use the buffer, warehouses, create clans and allies, create any of your available subclasses, bestow SA and augments on your items, draw symbols and delevel.

- Magic gem:
The custom NPCs won't be spawned in the game. You will have to use your magic gem in order to see them spawned around you and make use of their functionalities.
Everyone will start with a magic gem and there will be no way to lose it.

- Deck:
Double clicking it with a mob targeted will give to you his basic information, together with his drops and chances which are calculated according to your current level.
Everyone will start with a deck and there will be no way to lose it.

- Custom enchanting system:
Enchanting scrolls will be safe, in a way that if they fail your item will not break nor lose its enchant. While your item's enchant level goes higher, its chance to get to the next level will become lower, so you will need to spend more scrolls.

Goddess of Destruction features:

These features don't need too much explanation, so most of them will just be listed.
If a feature is listed here, that means that it works on this server.

- New level cap (you can level up to level 99)
- New items system (unidentified, bound, standard and blessed versions)
- New items' special abilities (including double SAs and armors sets by parts)
- New dyes
- New base stats
- New classes
- Dual class system
- New classes' skills (~98%)
- New clan skills (including the actives)
- Sayune (jumping system)
- Museum statistics
- Ranking statues
- New war system
- Grand Olympiad changes
- Magmeld elevators
- Token actions
- Bloody Swampland monsters
- Fairy Settlement monsters
- Garden of Genesis monsters
- Orbis Temple monsters
- Guillotine Fortress monsters
- Forbidden Gateway monsters
- Istina Grand Boss
- Octavis Grand Boss
- Teredor Instance
- Tauti Instance
- Trasken Instance
- Antharas Instance
- Freya Instance
- Frintezza Instance
- Valakas ( Non Instance )

If you have any doubts about this server, ask us and we will inform you