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Version Epilogue
Type Mid Rate PvP Complete Quests GKShopsBuffer Autolearn Skills PvE Epilogue Offline Shops Vitality System
Last Update24 Aug 2017
Join Date26 Jan 2016

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Lineage 2 Scarlet Epilogue private server 

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A new world divided by magical creatures and brave warriors awaits you to become the leader ... defeating your enemies and the ancient Raidbosses you will prove your skills and improve them in the same time ... make new ally and meet new people ... let's live the great adventure togheter. Enjoy playing at Lineage 2 Scarlet!



Change Logs
11 Jan 2016
Lineage 2 Scarlet (CT 2.6) High Five 20x RE-OPENING January 2016! BETA Server is LIVE from 11.01.2016, 19:00 PM GMT+2 until 31.01.2016. The server is ONLINE and available for testing.
19 Jan 2016
We would like to inform you that we have recently updated our official website, social pages and forum. The new version is currently available on smartphones, tablets, desktop and is in beta version. This means is easily accessible from all your devices (smartphones, tablets and desktop). A new feature has been added to our forum - Online Chat (Shoutbox) that helps you talk to forum members and other players from game.
26 Jan 2016
Lineage 2 Scarlet beta-test server 20x will last until 29.02.2016. BETA Server is LIVE. The server is ONLINE and available for testing and that means you can play everyday and your characters and progress will NOT be wiped from beta at launch!
24 Aug 2017

L2 SCARLET Epilogue server 100x - reopened!

Lineage 2 Scarlet Gracia Epilogue with updates and new events has now reopened on 22.08.2017!

New Updates / No Wipes / PvP and PvE