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Version 1.11 1.12
Type No Lag Spigot Survival MCMMO Referral System 247 Clans Economy
United States
Last Update18 Jul 2017
Join Date12 Feb 2013

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Welcome to LifeCraft Server!

LifeCraft is a Survival server

Those servers works 24/7 , and works only in 1.12 and 1.11 version .

Also you can check LifeCraft Website -

LifeCraft Ip -



Hello everybody who interested in server!
This is a LifeCraft Survival Server !

What this server about? :

Well this is server about surviving in big , unknown world , where you need to battle with scary , strong monsters . You can also survive with others players , so you can communicate with others people , and have fun with them! But also , there's bad players who want grief you! But you have power to claim your land!

There's any differents from normal Surival server? :

Well the goal is same as in others Survival servers , but we have balanced economy , friendly community , helpful staff , good Anti-Cheat , Claim Lands , Crates with CS:GO Animation , PlayerShop , Referral System , Clans and much more!
Also , we making events for our players , so they could have fun and also try to win good stuff!

Can you give more information about your server?

Well this server is 1.11.2 version , but you can join with 1.12 client . So you can join from few client versions . Also our server is working 24/7 , and only every 12 hours , server restarting. And we will try to add more and more new things!

Our IP =
Our website =





If you will saw glitch , player who break rules or you have ideas about servers , please contact with owner by skype , discord , facebook , twitter or enjin .

The Owners contacts is :

Twitter -

Facebook -

Enjin -

Discord -

Skype - skilet122 (The nickname will be skilet16)


Have fun!