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Version Pre Renewal
Type 2nd Job Active GMs Balanced Battlegrounds Classic Competitive Custom Items Events High Rate International
United States
Last Update29 Mar 2016
Join Date09 Jan 2015

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Explosive Ragnarok Online

ExplosiveRO - 255/255 / 5k/5k/100% (10% All Cards)

We are ExplosiveRO! We aim to be the most balanced, stable and secured high rate private Ragnarok Online server. We opened in January 2016, hoping to bring the old school back to the fray with our balanced 255/255 pre-Renewal (Trans) server.


  • x1 Custom Upper Headgear
  • x1 Custom Middle Headgear
  • x1 Custom Lower Headgear
  • x2 Custom Armor Set
  • x3 Kiel Card
  • x1 Maya Purple Card
  • x1 Tao Gunka Card
  • x1 Ghostring Card
  • x1 Gloom Under Night Card
  • x4 Turtle General Card
  • x4 Stormy Knight Card
  • x1 Incantation Samurai Card
  • x1 Thanatos Card
  • x1 GTB Card
  • x1 Deviling Card
  • x1 FBH Card
  • x1 Boss Egnigem Card
  • x1 Lady Tanee Card
  • x250 YGG Berries (Berry Farm Available)
  • x10 +10 Stat Foods (Get More Through Voting)
  • Helms & Cards for 20z in NPC

Note: The free cards only work in the Kriemhild WoE and specific PvP rooms. You will still need to hunt if you want to join WoE in other castles!


  • 255/255 Trans Jobs
  • High Rate Leveling: 5000x Base / 5000x Job / 100% All Items / 10% All Cards
  • Freebies available upon entry - see above.
  • Max Stat: 300 / Max ASPD: 195 / Insta Cast: 150 DEX
  • Some skills are AGI/DEX-based, some are Kiel-based
  • Ready-to-WoE package available for those who want to fight instantly!
  • Gears can be quested if you want to participate in non-Newbie WoE!
  • The server is protected from DDoS attacks. Daily backups!
  • The client is protected from Third-Party Programs!
  • No ugly wings and auras, characters don't look like 9 year old's toys!
  • Strategy > Items - Anyone can dominate since there are NO Donor-only Gears!
  • 100% Card removal rate!
  • HD Elunium and Oridecon can be farmed!
  • Gold Room is available for everyone!
  • All the at (@) commands you need are available!


  • Daily WoE for Asian timezones! WoE for America and Europe available!
  • Active and Competitive PvP! No 100% Unfro armor except Marc Card!
  • Battlegrounds Enabled - Get the best weapons from BG!
  • Hourly Events - Farm Event Coupons for exclusive gears!
  • Endless Cellar Party Quest - Quest for God items!
  • 300 Challenge Party Quest - Quest for Bloody Branches!
  • Lighthalzen Challenge Solo Quest - Quest for God items!
  • YGG Seed/Berry Room - Entrance ticket can be bought with Event Coupons!
  • GOTM Reward for the Guild with most Emp Breaks, Kills and Activity!
  • POTM Reward for the best Player Killer in the PvP Room!
  • BOTM Reward for the Emperium Breaker with the most Breaks!


  • International players! 90% of the players speak English!
  • Active, Friendly and Professional GM Team! No Favoritism or Bias!
  • Active, Facebook group, the staff doesn't use dummy accounts!
  • Growing community, new players and faces everyday!
  • This is as balanced as you can get for a 255/255 server!