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Version 1.12.1
Type No Bugs Scripted Instances Dedicated Server Low Latency Custom Level 55 Starter Blizzlike
United Kingdom
Last Update19 Aug 2016
Join Date02 Aug 2016

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Welcome to Hellscream, a classic World of Warcraft server based on being as close to retail as possible without the boring leveling!
We have spent many months getting this server near perfect, it has come along way from when we started, with over 1000 bugs fixed! While many more continue to be remedied I feel the server is more than ready for the public to play.

Hellscream is a new server for World of Warcraft patch 1.12.1, to bring back that nostalgic feeling of true World of Warcraft!

If you enjoy our server please vote to help populate the realm!



● Instant 55 OR Blizzlike Highrates
● High Quality 1.12.1 Realm
● Working Battlegrounds
● Scripted Dungeons
● Weekly updates
● Path-finding
● No Pay To Win
● Stable Server
● PVE Server
● DDOS Protected
● Dedicated Server
● Low Latency

Website: Hellscream!
Realmlist: set realmlist hellscreamwow.ddns.net

● Connection 1Gbps
● RAM 16Gb
● Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 3.3GHz (4 Cores)

We have spent a long while getting the raiding instances up to standard!

Here you can find out what raids are open and how well coded they are.

● Raids:11/08/16
Upper Blackrock Spire - Scripted 75% & Open - Runes in first room need linking to open door.
Zul'Gurub - Scripted 90% & Open - Core support needed for flying NPCs.
Molten Core - Scripted 100% & Open - Seriously everything works!
Onyxia's Lair - Scripted 98% & Open - Core support needed for flying phase.
Blackwing Lair - Scripted 90% & Closed - Razorgore needs abit of a touch up.
AQ20 + AQ40 - Scripted 50% & Closed -
Naxxramas - Scripted 90% & Closed - Thaddius needs core support for polarity & Four Horsemen touch up.

Dont forget to vote for the server to help bring in more players!