1.12.1 wow private server - Feenix!


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Version Vanilla Classic The Burning Crusade 1.12 TBC
Type No Lag
Last Update17 Apr 2010
Join Date17 Apr 2010


#1 Vanilla wow & 2.4.3 & PreTBC Information:

Unique dual server. If one crashes, lags or is being updated - other takes over! 10 days online without single latency or crash problem. 1000 mb/s uplink makes average of 100 ms latency.

Advanced Anti fly/speed System: Uniquely made for Feenix that does not kick lagging people. cheers for fair gameplay!

Real Classic Honor system: Real ranks with Honor Decay, you buy honor items for gold when you have req rank!

Real 40 man raids[b]: Dungeon difficulty is 1 by 1 changed into Pre tbc values! hard 40 20 man raids.

[b]100% scripted server:
All raids are 100% blizzlike scripted as it was on retail before TBC released. AQ20 AQ40 BWL NAXX MC ZG - all bosses work as they were on retail.

Classic spell effects: All spells that were changed in TBC are back to normal, example: Mage talent Icy veins was replaced by ice block as in classic wow, Aimed shot does not give debuff that reduces healing, Arcane shot does not dispell magic effects, Shield slam does not dispell magic effects either!

Classic damage calculations: Damage calculation was remade from scratch, all classes are more balanced than ever. YES! rogues and shammans have same chance as mages and priests!

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