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EquilibriuMS — the ultimate community private server! We are devoted to create an authentic experience of adventure. With our ever growing close-knit community of social HeneHoes and ecstatic grinders, you will be constantly coming back for more. So join us and create YOUR world today!

GM Game Master
Skill Requirements:
•Friendly attitude and embodies a sense of community
•Can act as a role model for other members
•Must be clean-minded
•Ability to understand people's motives
•Analyze situation before acting
•Maintain a safe environment by checking cheating or hacking
•Able to organize events and keep the server fun
•Active and devoted to staying on the server

Forum Moderator
Skill Requirements:
•Knowledge in managing forum and working with forum software
•Charismatic and friendly personality
•Gaming experience in Maplestory and our server
•Have enough spare time for forum modding
•Possess skill in maintaining an open forum atmosphere and keep style
•Keep forum clean of spam and inappropriate content and assign posts to correct categories
•Ability to organize forum activities
•Encouraging to others and rewarding users in discussions

WZ Editor
Skill Requirements:
•Understanding of editors like HaRepacker and HaCreator to make various edits/fixes
•Thorough knowledge of design and aesthetic principles
•Prepared to troubleshoot errors and broken images
•Ability to work well in a team and communicate one's ideas clearly
•Ability to comprehend different aesthetic moods in both graphics and music
•Creative and imaginative mindset

Graphic Artist
Skill Requirements:
•Understanding of Editing programs, such as Photoshop or After Effects
•Thorough knowledge of design and aesthetic principles
•Ability to work well in a team and communicate one's ideas clearly
•Marketing skills

C++ Programmer
Skill Requirements:
•Knowledge in C++
•A familiarity with software development
•Organizational and writing abilities
•Good communication and interpersonal skills

Web Designer
Skill Requirements:
•Knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, and MYSQL
•Ability to translate designs into code
•Creative and able to recognize trend
•Able to communication and understand what designs are requested

Java Programmer
Skill Requirements:
•Firm understanding of Java
•Possess analytical, problem-solving skills
•Creative personality
•Able to conduct operations analysis and systems evaluation

Skill Requirements:
•Excellent communication skills, with the ability to speak and listen, as well as clearly express their ideas
•Ability to make swift decisions, work through stressful situations and solve problems quickly
•Creative personality
•Effective management and supervising skills