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Version 317
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Last Update03 Mar 2014
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Chaos-Realm now offers a new, innovative way to maintain an always active wilderness. As of 13/1/2014, pre-registrations for the upcoming $500 Bloodlust PvP Season. Teams of 5 may register monthly for a shot at the cash pool.

For those of you unfamiliar with BloodLust, it is a team based PvP system where registered teams kill opposing BloodLust team members for points. Those points are automatically added to a BloodLust ranking board where players can keep track of their current ranking. At the end of the season, teams will be given a cash prize in accordance to their finishing rank.

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What sets Chaos-Realm apart from other servers?


- Flawless pking allowing for perfect switches
- Monthly $500 PvP Tournaments
- No down time
- No lag
- Perfected Duel arena
- Active, friendly staff team
- Development team that listens to its community
- Custom items
- Frequent updates
- Curse Prayers 
- Both donor and donor+ exclusive islands
- Nex armors, Korasi and new firecape
- Wilderness targets with rewards
- Ganodermic armor
- Pvp armor
- Active clans in both singles and mutli
- Working spirit shields
- Mod day events
- Kill streaks and rewards
- Unique Bloodlust system for clan battles
- Opportunities to make IRL cash!
- Good voting rewards
- Working special attacks
- Fight caves
- God Wars
- Strong and stable economy
- Top pker announcements
- Generous starter pack

Here at Chaos-Realm we strive to make your playing experience the best it can be. We guarantee an unforgettable RSPS environment filled with countless journeys. Whether they be toppling gargantuan bosses, triumphing over your foe in the wild or establishing wealth the likes have never been seen, we look forward to welcoming you to your new home, Chaos-Realm.