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Current MapProcedural Map
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Type Better loot No Decay Mass Airdrop Events Events X1 X10 Gather Levels Diverse Loot Mobile Recycler Plane Crash Events
United States
Last Update07 Oct 2017
Join Date17 Sep 2017

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Welcome to Borealis Entertainment!

The server name is Hemp Haven!


Please vote for us on the left,

we'd love to have more people engaged with the server!

Events are often, and the people are chill. Join today!




It took us a while, but we've pain-stakingly crafted a unique and fun server to play on.



Our website can be found here: www.borealisentertainment.org where we have  full list of commands, a forum, terms for VIP, places to reach us, and much more!


Tired of shitty Pay to Win servers, or servers that have no events, or admins who don't care?



Join Borealis Entertainment Instead!

In your F1 Menu to connect quickly, type 'connect'.


A small list of our plugins (subject to change):

MeteorShowers, Remover, HammerTime, AutoBroadcast, AutoDoors, BetterChat, Clans, Christmas, CompassGUI, CraftingController, DeathNotes, FancyDrop, Friends, FriendlyFire, GatherManager, Kits, MagicLoot, NoEscape, NTeleportation, PlayerList, QuickSmelt, RustIOClans, SignArtist, SkipNightVote, StackSizeController, FurnaceSplitter, and more!


Thanks in advance!