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We love Poring! Features:
• 10x/10x/5x • Max level 99 • Pre-renewal
with features from episode 14.1, including Undersea Tunnel F6, Biolabs 4, El Dicastes, Old Glast Heim Instance, and more • Standard, restricted, and restricted non-trans WoE with Okolnir & Halls of Abyss • Faction System • Vend Browser • Friendly, dedicated staff!

We love Drops! Information:
If you played with us many, many years back, your accounts are still here. We have never wiped any account or character data, so your characters are safe!

We still feature our old goodies such as customized cards, Super Quest Items, and transferable credit-based donation system (so anyone can receive donation shop benefits!), but we boast several new customizations: helpful beginner weapons, twice-daily Job Agency for bonus experience points and rewards, custom faction-based Direct Assault PvP system, faction attacks on northern Prontera, and the snowy custom village of Farvir and its surrounding regions.

Spotlight is a new addition that provides enhanced experience and monster spawn rates in a different region every month.  We also have frequent seasonal events and custom minigames for those who need to take a break from leveling, exploring, and fighting here and there!

We love Poporing! Helpful resources:

  • AnesisRO Wiki
    More information about our server can be found in "Server Information" and the Customizations category here.

  • AnesisRO Forums
    Announcements, colorful community, and friendly, several helpful GMs available through PM.
  • Official Facebook
    Frequent updates off-site - great for keeping in touch in case the site is having any technical problems.
  • Support Center
    If there is a problem with registration, technical problem with the game, or any other issue, submit a Support Ticket and we'll get it sorted out right away!

We love Marin! Commands:
@time, @tempday, @tempnight, @getreward, @gethatred, @refresh, @autoloot, @alootid, @rates, @autotrade, @at, @invite, @duel, @leave, @accept, @reject, @main, @commands, @request, @ws, @whosell, @wb, @whobuy, @nodrop, @timeofday, @tc, @fc, @homintimacy

Change Logs
27 Oct 2013
Added event: The Pumpkin Festival Returns. Added Blank Card exchange. Added NPCs: Annie, Anniversary Case vendor. Added/fixed Direct Assault NPC. Brought back Faction Informant NPC. Beach Volleyball now rewards players with Anniversary Cake. Draco and Drago now give Anniversary Cake to their event winners. AnesisRO Reward Pouring updated. Pet talk table updated with translated speech for Nightmare Terror, Succubus, and Incubus. Job Agency has been given increased chances for high exp bonuses. @autotrade time limit extended to 24 hours. Fresh Grass, Yellow Vital Flower, and Blue Vital Flower have been added to the Pet Food NPCs in Prontera, Alberta, Payon, and Yuno. Incubus pet will now eat Yellow Vital Flower. Succubus pet will now eat Blue Vital Flower. Top 10 Faction event winners' prizes have been implemented and delivered. 100 point requirement to enter the Faction dungeons was removed. Freezing Bow typo was fixed. Isilla Card description was fixed. Lope's Clue can now be sold to NPCs. Pineapple and Melon have been added to their respective monsters. The quest log entries for the old man Dewata quest have been added in. The missing Fish Tail spot from Document Quests has been added in. One of Theore's Request quest levels was dropped to 95. One of the Department Quest's levels was dropped to 95. Mora Daily Quest doesn't need Wandering Guardian Quest as a pre-req and the level was dropped to 95. You can now see your own points in the Job Agency Leaderboard.
18 Nov 2013
Removed event: The Pumpkin Festival Returns. AnesisRO Reward(Pouring), Annie, and Anniversary Case NPCs have been removed. Job Agency's increased chance for high exp bonuses has been removed. Beach Volleyball and Drago/Draco's events no longer give Anniversary Cake.
21 Nov 2013
Added Vision of Okolnir update. Rotated active castles: Wed 4:00–6:00 PM, Sat 9:00–11:00 PM Server Time 'Arunafeltz Guild Castle 02 (Rachel) 'Schwarzwald Guild Castle 02 (Yuno) No Non Trans castle. Restricted WoE Fri 7:00–8:00 PM, Sun 12:00–1:00 PM Server Time Greenwood Lake Guild Castle 04 (Payon) Non Trans: Valkyrie Realm Guild Castle 02 (Prontera) Updated items available for use in Restricted castles: Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Berserk Potion, Poison Bottle, Cursed Water, Dead Branch, Bloody Branch, Green Herb, Holy Water, Panacea, Restricted WoE HP Potion, Restricted WoE SP Potion, Aloe Leaflet, Bao, Blue Herb, Candy, Candy Cane, Cheese, Egg, Fresh Fish, Hinalle Leaflet, Honey, Ice Cream, Lemon, Orange, Prickly Fruit, Red Herb, Red Prickly Fruit, Rice Cake, Royal Jelly, Shrimp, Strawberry, White Herb, Yam, Yellow Herb Sex change option added to Gareth Morrowynd. Cannot use if account has a Bard, Minstrel, Dancer, or Gypsy. GvG has been enabled in guild dungeons. Yuno and Rachel Treasure Chests now drop Brynhild and Asprika ingredient boxes. Vending Machine now restocks automatically. Fixed Dark Knight Mask quest. Fixed broken Halloween rewards.
27 Nov 2013
Added event: Thanksgiving 2013. The Spare Card Kafra now automatically restocks itself. Wicked Scarf now uses the Spiked Scarf sprite in-game.
03 Dec 2013
Removed event: Thanksgiving 2013. Dead Branch and Bloody Branch have been disabled in Restricted WoE. Elite Warp Clip's castle warps have been updated. An issue with Restricted WoE not opening the castles has been fixed. Restricted WoE Potions now work in the correct maps. Descriptions for the following have been fixed: Berdysz [2], Round Buckler [1], Frigg's Circlet Combo. Lady Tanee Card name has been fixed. The weapon dealer selling the 4 elemental daggers was placed back in ein_in01,97,27. Mewing Cat slot was added on. Lunatic pet's ATK bonus was fixed to 5. Release of Wish can now be worn by Soul Linkers. Hermode Cap now gives attack speed + 5% and ATK + 3%. Piece of Fish, Ordinary Branch, and Strong Vine can now be sold to NPCs. Mora and El Dicastes now have mailboxes.
19 Dec 2013
Added event: Santa's Christmas Donuts. Added Farvir: Chapter 1 update.
10 Jan 2014
Removed event: Santa's Christmas Donuts. Elemental Resist Potion will now display an icon when used. Each type of Goblin and Kobold now has a unique name based on its weapon. Taekwon Mission will now show unique names for each type of Goblin and Kobold. Inverse Scale refine bonus has been fixed.
12 Jan 2014
Added Halls of the Abyss update.
26 Jan 2014
Horns of Arrogance, Dark Knight's Sorrow, Rainmaker's Pipe, and Bazooka Bubble Gum have all been updated with new effects. Horns of Arrogance, Dark Knight's Sorrow, Rainmaker's Pipe, and Bazooka Bubble Gum have been banned from Restricted WoE. Fixed descriptions for the following items: AFK Hat, Beanie, Big Ribbon, Binoculars, Bird Nest, Biretta, Black Elven Ears, Blank Eyes, Blue Hairband, Blush, Bogy Cap, Bomb Wick, Bone Head, Bone Helm, Bongun Hat, Fish Pin, Gentleman's Pipe, Green Potion, Level 1 Cookbook, Level 2 Cookbook, Level 3 Cookbook, Level 4 Cookbook, Level 5 Cookbook, Level 6 Cookbook, Level 7 Cookbook, Level 8 Cookbook, Level 9 Cookbook, Level 10 Cookbook, Magical Christmas Donut, Water Lily Fixed names for the following items: 4Leaf Clover In Mouth, AFK Hat, Afro Wig, Angel Spirit, Angelic Helm, Angeling Hairpin, Anniversary Hat, Antonio's Santa Hat, Army Cap, Asara Fairy Hat, Bijofnil Wings Fixed Beard's sprite. Fixed Angel Spirit's name in the item shop. Guillotine Katar weapon level is now 4 instead of 2. Siege Robe will now be stored in the Armor category in Kafra storage. Green Whistle can be refined using a Mastersmith. The Faction event's top 10 prizes have been banned from Restricted WoE. Farvir bugs have been addressed. Talk to Fidel at alberta,194,52 to fix any issues you may have had. Fixed issues with PVP. Drago and Draco bugs have been addressed.
02 Feb 2014
Banned characters on the /alchemist and /blacksmith ranking lists have been removed.
14 Feb 2014
Added event: Valentine Deliveries.
21 Feb 2014
Removed event: Valentine Deliveries.
28 Feb 2014
Pet talk table updated with translated speech for Miyabi Doll, Loli Ruri, and Dullahan. Added event: Amatsu Doll Festival.
04 Mar 2014
Removed event: Amatsu Doll Festival.
14 Mar 2014
Added event: Green Ale and Kauns.
21 Mar 2014
Removed event: Green Ale and Kauns.
02 Apr 2014
Lord Kaho Horns can now be made in Valhalla.
09 Apr 2014
Daily quests from Suspicious Cat added to the Pyramids (moc_prydb1,103,54). Lord Kaho's Horns ingredients have been changed. They now need 500x Light Granule and 25x Golden Ornament. Adding your name to the Kahos will only cost 10m.
23 Apr 2014
Added event: The Invasion of Eastrelund! and associated map. Chicken Hat Kaho has been added to the Lord Kaho's Servant NPC in Valhalla.
15 May 2014
21 May 2014
Removed event: The Invasion of Eastrelund!
10 Jun 2014
Lord Kaho Horns NPC updated with Custom Kaho option.
19 Jun 2014
New SPOTLIGHT: Geffen.
21 Jul 2014
Nibelungen has been fixed and now does 25% more damage with Brandish instead of 250%.
09 Aug 2014
War of Emperium reduced to one hour. War of Emperium moved to the following schedule: Non-Trans - Wednesday 7PM server time (CST) Trans - Saturday 8PM server time (CST) Restricted - Sunday 2PM server time (CST)
11 Aug 2014
Added @autoloot and @alootid commands.
13 Aug 2014
Server rates increased to 10/10/5.
17 Aug 2014
Dark Knight's Sorrow and Horns of Arrogance: Removed Break Fall. Additional +5 to all stats when refined to +7 or higher. Break Fall status removed from all characters.
24 Aug 2014
All staff members now wear the GM sprite. If you encounter a "GM"-named character who isn't wearing the GM sprite, please submit a Support Ticket to report the character. New SPOTLIGHT: Glast Heim. Added Glast Heim Memorial instance dungeon. Stat/Skill Reset NPC now dispels buffs when resetting skills or both stats and skills. Djinn: Str increased from +10 to +20, added +20% damage to Mammonite. Mjolnir: Str increased from +10 to +20. Nibelungen: Weight increased to 550, added +13% Aspd, Str requirement removed for Brandish Spear/Pierce damage boost. Tome of Ymir: Strip Shield level has been reduced to 1 (from 2). Warp from yggdrasil01 to um_dun02 has been restored. Loading screens have been rotated.
05 Sep 2014
Kafra Clip, Warp Clip, Warp Clip Major, and Warp Clip Elite are now usable items. They will appear in the "items" tab of your inventory.
16 Sep 2014
Naght Sieger Card now increases all magic damage against Ghost property enemies (including players equipped with Ghostring) by 30%. Life Link item name has been fixed.
28 Sep 2014
Gwendolyn: Plain to existing PCB customization price reduced from 4 Service Tickets to 2.
01 Oct 2014
New SPOTLIGHT: Nameless Island. Nightmare Scaraba Hole and Valhalla are no longer memoable.
09 Oct 2014
Character name creation bug has been fixed.
27 Oct 2014
Added event: AnesisRO's 2nd Anniversary. Added event: Halloween 2014. Cool Event Staff NPC has been added to Prontera. Special Item Exchange Cat NPC has been added to Event Map. Faction War: Assault on Prontera has been disabled. Faction Dungeon access has been temporarily removed. Kafra save point in the center of Prontera has been restored. Portal at prt_castle,102,16 now sends players back to prontera,156,356. Convex Mirror has been disabled on Wounded Satan Morroc and Valkyrie Randgris maps. Anniversary Box reward list has been updated. Anniversary Cake disguise list has been updated. Fixed Lost Minstrel's Cursed Hat's name and effects: At night, lose 130 HP every 5 seconds. Lose 2% HP on every attack. Spirit Liquor has been added to Pet Food NPC. Login and loading screens have been updated.
29 Oct 2014
Pumpkin Harvest minigame: Additional Pumpkin Festival Certificate will be rewarded at the end of the game simply for participating. Pumpkin Harvest minigame: Debuffing Jakks now have a cooldown before they can cast another debuff on the same player. Pumpkin Harvest minigame: Player no longer incurs a point penalty when dying to Big Ol' Pumpking.
26 Nov 2014
Added event: Thanksgiving 2014. Removed event: AnesisRO's 2nd Anniversary. Removed event: Halloween 2014. Removed soulbound status from Anniversary Cake Hat and reduced its effects. Removed soulbound/account-bound status from the following Cute-Pet eggs: Alicel, Aliot, Diabolic, Dullahan, Hell Poodle, Imp, Incubus, Loli Ruri, Lude, Roween, Siroma, Whisper.
01 Dec 2014
Removed event: Thanksgiving Weekend Event. Spotlight: Winter Wonderlands.
22 Dec 2014
Added event: Christmas 2014. Removed Pumpkin Festival Rewards NPC.
02 Jan 2015
Bob is visiting Prontera. (Bob removes cards from equipment for 1 million zeny.)
11 Jan 2015
Rotated active castles: Sat 8:00–9:00 PM Server Time Valkyrie Realm Guild Castle 01 (Prontera) Valkyrie Realm Guild Castle 03 (Prontera) Updated Elite Warp Clip to match new castles.
15 Jan 2015
Added event: January winter event 2015. Implemented Ice Wing Ear, Snow Rabbit Egg, Knit Rabbit Ears, Elder Crown, Mouton Life, Snow Rabbit Knit Hat, Galanthus Guard, Chilly Breath.