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minecraft servers : Italian / English of fnaf fan game created in 2017


ip =  s29.hosthorde.com:26273

danger this server is verry new not work all plugin , for all plugins You have to wait for now you can enter...


Probability within a month server changes host, for those who want to know more and that sever will not be hosted for free but with a monthly payment, so the servers will always be open 24/24 hours.
But there will be a prebleme or the part to be programmed will have to be rebuilt, so the server will have to stay offline
Other bad news and will be reset some rank I can not say with certainty what time but will be reset ...
The hidden rankings that are not used now, those of the game characters will be available but starting from a small donation to the server, they will not be permanent but monthly or yearly, i mean i will not all be allowed i know even those from a greater donation .

- Foxy
- Freddy
- Chica
- Bonnie
Shadow Rank:
- Shadow freddy
- Shadow Bonnie
And others in development

Attracting all this and a test or a chance is not 100% safe that will be done. So I apologize for any possible rethinking, the server to stay active must minimize the money of the same payment

New staff  >

staff :

-Builder : zRicky_ , Dr_Medic_.

-Moderator : FnafMinecraftPro , disastercube.

-Admin : GamingWithBryan.

-Helper : debakkertjes, C0nNor99, COMEDYNlNJA.

-Friend : Miny_Chan, coszin , MrMario1234, Kamel1337.

-Others : player premium ecc...

-Founder : Andrea_007

degrees thanks to Scott Cawthon's 

Information for Italians:

il server è italiano o inglese???

Come founder io Andrea_007 programmatore italiano ho creato il server utilizzando il linguaggio inglese, per un italiano che non sa l'inglese potrebbe dare fastidio e quindi mi scuso per questo, però bisogna capire che il server è in inglese. 

In caso di problemi contattatemi o dal server.



noi dello staff ci stiamo impegnando per riuscire a portare più mappe nel server, per ora la massima velocita di uscita di una mappa e 1d/2d, oppure fare uscire la mappa come test, solo per guardare.

novità di mappe: Sister_Location.


Now the staff is full so we kindly ask the new players to stop spamming to be OP or go gamemode. Thanks Andrea_007 =)

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