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Версия 1.10.x
Тип Faction Skyblock Op prison Hunger Games Skywars Kit PvP CTF Survival Mini games
United States
Последнее обновление06 Aug 2017
Дата регистрации25 Dec 2014

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Server IP: mc.fearpvp.com 
Site: www.fearpvp.com
FearPvP is a unique Factions PvP server offering an amazing PvP experience. Our server is unlike most faction servers, and offers lots of features that are not found on most servers. Some features that set us apart from other servers are:
- Nonstop PvP @ spawn

- Steve (FearPvP's custom anti-hack system NO MORE AURA)

- FearWelcome

- Fair donator ranks

- Custom Obby Breaker

- McMMO PvP Features Disabled

- No PvP lag

Our knowledgeable team of staff are there to guide you around our server, and guarantee a fun, anti-hacking, Factions PvP experience!
Server IP: mc.fearpvp.com 
Site: www.fearpvp.com