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Versão 1.12.0 1.12.1
Tipo Infected Eggwars BungeeCord PVP Economy Survival Factions Minigame Faction Wars Free Ranks Land Claim
United States
Última Atualização12 Sep 2017
Data de Entrada01 Sep 2017

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We Have a faction server which has Faction, Plots, a PVP Zone, a WarZone, and a Safe Zone. The other Server that we have is Infected it is a minigame server that currently has MCInfected and Eggwars more games will be coming. All ranks are free. We sell keys and pets and OP. In need of all staff

must be on for at least 2 to 3 days a week. be helpful to other gamers in the servers and help make the community a great place.

Must get on serve at least 3 times a week email me with your time zone and gamer tag. Must know what to look for when people use hacking clients. Willingness to help members out with any issues. Also able to make the server into a thriving comunity

Must be able to be on the server a lot and willing to help with any future things that come out and willing to help out with members if admins are not on. Do random jobs around on all of the servers.