MapleStory Private Servers

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EmtexMs .v1.17
Str0ng-Ms v117.1
The Best v117.1 Ever
CudiMS V83 non-hamachi
PokkaMs V83/V111
Zombie Minded [v.62][FUN][MATURE][NSFW][25x/2x/2x]
MysteriousMS V1.16 GMAPPS ARE OPEN
{Universe MS}v83 Join First, Explore The Universe
FunStoryMS V83
MixtaMS[v83][1500exp][300meso][3drop][No hamachi]
ObliterateMs V111
[v83] StrideMS 24/7 4GB Ram 1400x/300x/100x
Free Maplestory Nexon Cards
XenoMS v117.2 - WE JUST WIPED
PixelStory Rates Are High 1000x 500x 10x
LeaugeOfMaple / Medium Server / 14x 50x 3x
VoidMS v116 [12/10/5]
MapleAbyss V116 150/50/12 [Looking for Coders]
ChronicleMS v.83
NetherStory v1.17 [Vicious Rise]
[V62][V117] Stable/Good rated servers Try us now
RequiemStory V117.1
SolidStory v62
RageStory - A blast to the past V62 Server
StrideMS [x500 x 200 x1]
;`Inclusive 117.2 BETA!`; NEW! Win8!
UberStory - Great Staff - 24/7
AtomMS [v117.2] [50x/5x/2x] [OPEN BETA]
FunkyMS - v83
SacredStory V117.2 [ 666 X 666 X 6 ]
MapleVex - v134 Items & Styles - FREE NX
v140 ArcaneMS (We are BACK)Xenon
WaffleMS V117.2 [12x] [3x] [5x] (CUSTOM BOSS
MapleStory Original Ver. 62
PixelStory[v83]: 800x/75x/1x
NukesKMS[Coming Soon]
Cynical Story v117.2 [500x/400x/3x Base Rates
iCopyrightMs Reborn (v117.1)
Gotham city- v83 server for maplestory (easy)
AdventureMS v0.83
[NEW] DynastyMS v83 - Competitive
LoyalMS [v140.1] [5x/2x/1x] [NEW]
DarkCloudMS v83
XuzionMS v142.2 [LowRate] v117.2 [!High!Rate]
TealyStory v117.2 Hight Rates