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WaffleMS V117.2 [12x] [3x] [5x] (CUSTOM BOSS
MapleStory Original Ver. 62
iCopyrightMs Reborn (v117.1)
Gotham city- v83 server for maplestory (easy)
AdventureMS v0.83
LoyalMS [v140.1] [5x/2x/1x] [NEW]
MapleLeap v83 - Hop into the New World
Dream Infinite Evolution MS - v117.2 Customs
AlmightyMS V117.2 Low Rate- GMS Like
MapleSwitch v83 - We will turn your switch on
GMStory V1.17 Everyone is a GM [Client Mod]
Maple S.G :Jobs Skills Up To Xenon :
XclusiveMs : 15x8x1 : MONSTER INVASION :
MapleSky Rates: 5x/3x/1x [GM APPS OPEN]
Virtual MS
VirtuousMS v116 10x/10x/3x [CUSTOM FEATURES[
CouncilMS [x20/x10/x5] [v62]
MapleIntegrity v83 Returns
NobleStory (v62 /2x/2d)
CokeStory V62 5/3/1 Very hard server
Msnick v117. GM applications open
Vindicationstory v117.2
Humanity Reign, ORDER VS CHAOS
CustomMS v83 1000x/500x/5x
MintStory v83 [GMS] Pre Big Bang - Low Rate
MapleStory - NEO [ Fresh server ]
MorphMS [Coming Soon]
SeishinStory v83 [500x exp, 100x meso, 5x drop]
Dstroyer - Coming Soon
AvoreStory Version 0.83
MapleIntegrity v117.2
IsraelMS v117.2 || 8x 6x 1x || Low Rate || Dedica
ReducedMS v117.2
MyMaple ~ EP
Nexus | 50x 8x 4x | KMS Private Server
ErahSEA v1.12.4 - Low Rate - Mid Rate
v62 GRAND OPENING | Heroes of Maple
NostalStory v62 - FREE MotB - Become a NostalFag
Acernis [v144.3] [RED- Zero][PQ's]
AggrothStory || V83 || X4-X2-X1 || HIRING
Server Latino MapleStory
MapleX _original [Competitive]
[CloudMS] V117 Low Rates Private Server