How Ranking works

Servers are ranked on top by Unique Votes Unique Votes per month. Those with more votes have a higher rank and get more players.

Info Icon Suggestions to improve your ranking and get more players:

  • Add the Voting button on your site to get more votes and higher ranking.
  • Share your server page using our social buttons. This will increase your page visibility on search engines like Google.
  • Update your server frequently and get on top of Recently Updated list. (You must not be listed in Last Submitted at same time)
  • Buy Premium Membership. This will "boost" your server population faster. More details on Premium Membership
  • Votes and Views RESET on the first day of the month except the rating and reviews made by players.

    Voting Code

    Get voting code On your server details page there is a button on top "Show Code". It generates all voting codes you need: HTML, BBCode for forums, direct link. Put one of those codes on your site to get votes.

    Premium Membership

    To buy premium login and use Buy Premium to upgrade your account. Once the payment is completed all your servers will get bonus votes and will be listed as premium.

    This is an example how your sites listing will look like after purchase:

    TopG Premium Membership

    Stats explained

    Unique Votes = Unique Votes this month. All servers are ranked by this value. Votes reset every month on 1'th day.
    Unique Views = Unique Views this month. It also resets every month on 1'th.
    7 = Your server Rank on category. In this example rank is 7.
    N/A = Your server Rank is not available.

    Voting Check

    To see if players vote for your server we use Postback, Direct IP and Votifier for Minecraft. Read more on Voting Check page.

    Last Submitted and Recently Updated

    On Last Submitted list we show the most recent servers and sites that joined our topsite.
    When the owner changes server version, options, title, url, description, details, uploads screenshots etc... or when a player makes a review that server is listed in Recently Updated.
    Last 50 submitted sites will not show in Recently Updated at same time even if the owner updates them.