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★ Ghastlegion ★

GhastLegion is a minecraft server dedicated to Factions.
With a lot of some awesome plugins and also some custom made ones
You should check it out!

★Server IP★

You can join, the ip is: If that doesn’t work could you contact us. Go to the website: register and create your own forum post in the right topic.


We have high ranked staff example: Moderators/admins/owners. And we have also low ranked staff: Helpers. Helpers are normal players they don’t scam you, but be carefull they can ban mute or kick you when you break the rules.


Ghastlegion currently works on factions but we're planning to expand in the future!
We've got custom plugins, maps, buildings, world and more!


You can always contact us via the site.
site: (forum)

We hope to see you on our server.

Kind regards,