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Welcome to Afternoon Tea, sit back, relax, and play some Minecraft!
Launched in early 2013, ATC is a great server with a reputation for fair play, friendly staff, and a great community. We don't accept any slip ups, and we ensure everyone has a great time playing with us. Play is a little different from standard MC, with loads of bukkit plugins to make the game more interesting. There are several rules which can be read by going onto our website.

We run lots of Bukkit plugins to make the server experience more immersive and fun. Some of these are listed here:

- Towny: We use towny to let players protect their work, and play together
- DiabloDrops: Kill mobs, get epic unique loot (2,679,707,091,600 different items to get), what more can you ask for?
- PlotMe: Fancy some creative? Get a creative plot.
- Shops: Sell your items, or buy some from other players. We currently use QuickShop. Visit our marketplace!
- Ranks: Rankup and get cool abilities and perks. 
- Backpacks: Unlock the power of backpacks, hold more in your inventory!
- TreeAssist: Save time cutting down those trees!

ATC holds up strong policies on fair play, and any hackers or cheaters will be instantly banned.