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  • NoScrubs Iris Online
    NoScrubs Iris Online
    Anime MMO with our own 3rd jobs with UNIQUE skills - 15x rates - Level Cap 85 - Failsafe enchants - Custom World Bosses - Normal/Hard/Insane Mode Dungeons - Custom Costume Sets, Pets, Cloaks, Mounts, Armor, Weapons and Accessories. Cashshop Items for Gold & Voting. Constantly developed and updated.

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  • Honor IRIS Online
    New IRIS Online Private Server [PVP-Server] Start Lv 75 Skill Point 300 Guild Create 70Lv with 200 Guild Point Full Honor Items +10 and more...

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  • Raze Craft
    Welcome to Raze Craft! We are a dedicated server looking for dedicated players! We have creative/factions/pvp and we hope to see you play with us soon! We have votifier so don't forget to vote for us

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  • Iris Online
    Server Rates: 10x Exp/Sxp, 10x Drops, 15x Gold and 4x Quest, Premium Items in Npcs! Higher enchant success rates. Epics And Cash Shop sets added to ingame vendors for Gold and tears!

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  • Iris Online Hispano
    Servidor completo en español de Iris Online! EXP 300% SPX 300% Drops %100, comunidad amistosa completamente en español!

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